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There are several reasons you might be looking for a Maths tutor:

  • Academic support
  • A confidence boost
  • Exam preparation including SATs, 11 Plus or GCSE

Whatever the reason, you can be sure that we provide Maths tuition that delivers results! At A Star Tuition Group, we understand that Maths can be one of the most challenging subjects for children to master and sadly, many children leave school failing to do just that and with a negative perception of Maths that can last a lifetime!

We work very hard to avoid this happening by making all our Maths lessons fun, interactive and engaging whilst ensuring they cater for your child’s unique learning needs. At the same time, we follow the National Curriculum and the methods your child is being taught in school so that they are able to thrive in Maths and enjoy it. Our new GCSE Maths teacher, Mark, has over 20 years experience & an MSc in Maths so your child will get the support they need to pass the exam!

After all, when our children are happy, they learn faster!

What skills will my child learn?

Maths core skills

Such as place value, number bonds, times tables, addition, subtraction, etc - are the foundations that are essential for your child to feel confident with Maths.

Maths applied skills

Take these a step further, applying their knowledge to ‘real life’ scenarios such as problem solving , reasoning and logic puzzles . Applied skills are not just the key to exam success, but also to success outside the classroom too!

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